Hilary A. Bufton Jr., of Kansas City, Mo., founded American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) in 1949. After World War II, Mr. Bufton noticed the positive impact women had on the economy and recognized the immense potential in this new and untapped workforce. He felt women were searching for equal business opportunities and thought they merit the accessibility to equal resources. On September 22, 1949, Mr. Bufton and three Kansas City businesswomen incorporated ABWA and began to embrace the inevitable transformation of the American workforce.

 Today ABWA consists of thousands of members in Express Networks and chapters nationwide. The organization provides business training and networking opportunities for women of diverse occupations and backgrounds. ABWA has dedicated more than half a century to women's education and provided workplace skills and career development training for more than 545,000 members.


ABWA’s Founding Principals

To increase the business efficiency of all members       To increase the business efficiency of all members
To promote good relations between employers and employees   To assist members in securing employment
To advance members in social, business and educational ways    

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